Web pixel not firing on client's store

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Hey all,


My app has a web pixel extension that should fire for some events.

It works properly for the test store. But when a client installed it, it never fires. 

It seems that my extension code is never loaded.

I can call the graphql api and see the webpixel object and its settings, yet it doesn't work.


Any ideas?





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My web pixel extension works in one development store but not in another. The pixel code doesn't load or fire in the problematic store, even though the GraphQL API shows the correct settings. I've checked permissions, deployment, settings, and browser console for errors. Both stores have similar apps. Clearing cache and cookies and reinstalling the extension didn't help. Any ideas or updates?


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I am trying to create the Screencast needed to submit the app, but the same thing happens to me, works on the Test app I created using my account. But when installing on other store (one given by Shopify) it just doesn't trigger anything; I see the logs for the OAuth and everything works well, but the Pixel does not seem to work.

We need someone from the Shopify team to check this in case it's an issue on their side. Otherwise I think the documentation is missing something to make it work properly.