What is the best approach to design a referral tracking app?

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I am new to shopify but my experience has been an exhausting one so far due to the documentation and wanted to ask your guidance on the below scenario.


I am trying to create an app that will track the referral code after checkout. To be more precise; Shopify's product page will be launched from another domain and there will be ?referral_code=ABC at the end of the shopify product page URL.


I have tried the following without any success:


  • I thought I could track the checkout via webhooks and check landing_site on the server side. However, this will not work as I will be getting all the orders as opposed to the ones that are coming from this referral ie causing customer data access violations.
  • I then tried using the webpixel api. I can parse the URL, store query string params in the localstorage. Retrieve them back after checkout_completed and send only the relevant orders to my backend server. The problem here is the webpixel API does not give you sessionToken for some reason. Therefore, I cannot verify the calls on the server side.

I cannot be the only one trying this but there does not seem to be a straightforward direction at the docs. I would be grateful if you could share your guidance as I am desperate for some clarity.



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