Why is App proxy extremely slow to respond?

Why is App proxy extremely slow to respond?

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We are using an app proxy to load some data from our own endpoints in a shopify theme extension. The issue we are seeing in development is that all requests take exactly 20 seconds to complete when made through the proxy, when made directly through to our endpoints the response time is sub 100ms. Is there a setting or config somewhere that causes the proxy to slow traffic? 

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Hi Jeffstaq,


A consistent 20-second delay does sound unusual and there doesn't appear to be a specific setting within Shopify itself that would cause this. There are a few potential things you could check to determine why you might be experiencing such slow response times using an app proxy:

  1. Network latency: If your server is located far from Shopify's servers, the physical distance can cause a delay in response times. You could try using a CDN like Cloudflare to reduce this latency.

  2. Server performance: If your server is under heavy load or not optimized, it could be slowing down responses. You may want to look into optimizing your server or scaling up your resources.

  3. Code efficiency: If your code is not efficient or has memory leaks, it could be causing delays. Profiling your code might help identify any bottlenecks.

  4. DNS resolution: If your DNS server is slow to respond, it can cause delays. You could try using a different DNS server to see if it improves performance.

Hope this helps,

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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We are also facing something similar. We have a nextjs website hosted on vercel. so the chunks & statically generated pages are hosted on a CDN.

The JS chunks have a high waiting for server response when using app proxy.


When not using app proxy the server response is reduced by 500ms. ( ~90%)


The screenshots above are on Mac mini m2, Arc browser, no throttling 5g wifi.

this is causing a performance loss of nearly 15-20 points (FCP, LCP delay of 0.5-1s on slow 4g as per lighthouse comparisons)
I'll try using nextjs assetPrefix but a native solution would be better.

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We are experiencing the same problem in 2024. The merchant sent us a video where he simply compares how fast menu item clicks trigger page renders comparing with our menu item which is linking to a Shopify Proxy route that is about 1.5 seconds slower than any other page on the Shopify store, even though our server logs show 60-70ms response time for cached response data. 

Is there any plan to optimize how Shopify Proxies work @Liam