400 Bad Request Error Response Body: {"errors":{"fulfillment":"Required parameter missing or invalid

400 Bad Request Error Response Body: {"errors":{"fulfillment":"Required parameter missing or invalid

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I am posting this JSON Payload:




And I am getting this response:


Response Body: {"errors":{"fulfillment":"Required parameter missing or invalid"}}


The fulfillment_order_id is correct and does belong to the store I am trying to connect to.  To make sure I got the syntax in the POST payload correct, I copied it directly from the API documentation and updated the parameter values only.  Because of this I am unsure what would be missing or invalid.


Please note that the payload I have provided skips providing fulfillment_order_line_id data because the documentation states that if you want to fulfill ALL lines you can leave that data out and only provide the fulfillment_order_id to update fulfillment for all lines.  Regardless, I have tried it both ways and still get the same response.

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Shopify Staff
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Hi Ben_Kingery,


I afraid I cannot reproduce your error. Your request payload seems just right. I've run it in my test environment and it worked.


Did you submit this request to this enpoint?

POST https://<store_name>.myshopify.com/admin/api/2022-04/fulfillments.json


I will assist you if you provide full curl request you are sending.

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