After scope migration we lost access to fulfillment service. Is it possible to opt-in them?

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We have an application that created fulfillment service in the merchants stores. I followed the guide and migrated to granular scopes. After that, I wanted to opt-in to the services for the new order fulfillments.


Unfortunately, I missed the point that the scopes migration is not required for the merchants that granted `write_fulfillments`. After migration, that scope was removed, and I can't update the fulfillment service.

As I understand, the only way to restore that permission is by asking the merchants to grant it (again). This, however, will take some time, and currently, the app cannot fulfill any of the orders.

Can we opt-in the existing fulfillment services in any other way? I can provide a list of fulfillment service IDs and their stores.

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Can you please open a support ticket?  You should not have lost write_fulfillments scope if you already had it.

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