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Hello, I'm looking for a a connector to integrate my store to AMAZON USA FULFILLMENT

I'd like to integrate products, orders, etc


As I looked, Shopify has a lot of apps and I'm a little bit confuse which one I need to acquire

Can anyone help me?



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It depends on what you want to do exactly.


If you want to sync inventory and automatically fulfill Shopify using your Amazon FBA inventory, you can use Order Automator to connect that to any Amazon marketplace in the world, route multiple marketplaces, plus map things like shipping options and skus, customize your packing slip notes, etc.


If you want to import Amazon FBM orders to your Shopify store, I used an app called Codisto a few years ago to do that and it worked well for us.


When I sold on Amazon I specifically tailored the Shopify listing and the Amazon listing differently, because the customer and requirements are different, so I didn't want to use an app, but if you wanted to sync those, I would use csv to export / import, or search something like "shopify app to sync amazon products". I would assume any app that advertises they sync products, that has good reviews would do the job well.


In summary, decide what you want to do exactly then search for that functionality in the Shopify app store. Contact the apps you think may be a good fit, and see how they respond. If you get good vibes, the reviews are good, and the solution fits, give it a go.


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If you are looking for an app that can integrate your Shopify products into, the Shopify Marketplace Connect app is the solution worth exploring.


The app can also sync your Amazon FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) orders to Shopify for easy fulfifllment. It also maintains real-time inventory synchronization between Shopify and Amazon, providing you with better control over your product availability.


Discover the convenience and efficiency of the Marketplace Connect app for a more integrated and streamlined e-commerce experience. Feel free to contact us anytime at if you have further questions/concerns.

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Absolutely! If you're seeking seamless integration between your Shopify store and Amazon USA Fulfillment, consider our Amazon MCF app by WebBee. It's the ideal solution for synchronizing your inventory, orders, and effortlessly listing products from Amazon to Shopify.

Simplify your operations and enhance efficiency with our user-friendly connector. Feel free to reach out for more details at

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