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Hello together,


as announced that by API version 2023-04, all apps should be using the FulfillmentOrder object we're currently trying to migrate to the new API version and adapt to the new workflow for fulfilling orders.


Now I stumbled over the fact that the suggested way of getting orders for 3pls (assigned_fulfillment_orders) does not include billing addresses as well as order totals and taxes.


For orders outside the EU we need to create so-called proforma invoices which do require this kind of data. I know we could do all the calculations on our own based on the products ordered and country specific taxes but I would be very happy if there are possibilities to get this information from shopify as it is possible with the common GET /orders.json endpoint. 


Since this endpoint is not having any location filters in place, we would still like to switch to the new suggested workflow to enable proper multi location fulfillment without having to filter within the received payload on our  own.


Can you please tell me what is the best way to tackle this? I am sure we're not the only company facing this issue.


Thank you very much in advance!

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The FulfillmentOrder resource only contains the information needed to fulfill an order and may be missing some of the data you need to generate an invoice.  The object does contain an order id, can you use this to access the information you need for an invoice?

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