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I want to calculate Shipping rates using a third-party career API. I want to use my own. So it is possible now?

Also, I read the Shopify documentation and in this Shopify says that only an advance plan is allowed for third-party Shipping rates.

In the advance plan, I'm accessible to third-party shipping?


I want to use 'Mainfreight' to calculate the Shipping rates But only API is available.



So please provide your Feedback.

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Did you have progress with this? It looks like the minimum requirement to activate CCS rates is to be on the Shopify plan and pay yearly.

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Hi Keyurp,

To use your own carrier rates at checkout, you will need to activate the third-party carrier calculated (CCS) rates. If you are on the advanced plan, you should have CCS already activated. If you haven't resolved this yet, you can use our recently launched app, JsRates. JsRates enables you to write your own shipping rules using JavaScript. You can use JsRates to connect to any third-party API endpoint (or your own carrier's API) and display the rates at checkout. You can find more information on our website: JsRates: Custom JavaScript Shipping Rates for Shopify Stores, or additional information on our documentation website: JsRates Documentation: Your Guide to Custom JavaScript Shipping Rates. Or we can help you setup the shipping rates for you.

Founder @ JsRates: Custom Shipping Rates
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