Callback URL??? Need some help on this.

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I have a fulfillment warehouse that integrates with various shopify merchants via a custom app installed within each store.  We do not have an app in the app store.


I am very confused about the references to the Callback URL.  I do not understand the documentation about this and the Migration Guide only begins to make reference to it as though we should already know what it is.  


Where can I find documentation on that?  Is this a URL we must host on a website we operate?  Is there an alternative?  For all of my clients, we are the sole operating fulfillment center, so we are asked to fulfill all orders that are placed.  Is there something I need to do in order to "accept" these orders?  


I'm lost on this part.

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"Hosted endpoints" section in FulfillmentService documentation describes callback_url. 


callback_url is a common prefix for a few endpoints your web service is supposed to host. Shopify will call <callback_url>/fulfillment_order_notification endpoint if your fulfillment service receives a fulfillment request or a cancellation request. Requests to <callback_url>/fulfillment_order_notification are pings informing your fulfillment service app to fetch new assigned fulfillment orders. Same way as push notifications on our smartphones inform us to open, say, WhatsApp and check for new messages. Pings to <callback_url>/fulfillment_order_notification are throttled to no more than 1 call per minute.


Technically you can request assigned fulfillment orders in a cron job, say, every 5-30 mins, and live without pings to <callback_url>/fulfillment_order_notification. Providing this endpoint and reacting on calls will allow the fulfillment service to react timely. 


In addition to receiving fulfillment request pings, callback_url can also be used to support sharing tracking numbers and inventory levels with Shopify.



> I do not understand the documentation about this


Please provide us with a link to a docs page where you expect to have this information. It will help us improve the documentation.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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@Ben_Kingery, I was also confused by the reference to FulfillmentServices and the callback URL in the migration guide. I'm hoping for an answer to this and other questions in a post I made. However, I believe that sections 3 and 4 of the migration guide only apply if your app has registered a fulfillment service on merchant stores. My assumption is that, like me, you did not do this. So, my guess is that you don't need to worry about the callback url if you don't have a registered fulfillment service. Of course, that's my uneducated assumption, so someone from Shopify or who knows better should please correct me if I'm wrong.