Re: Can someone recommend a fulfillment warehouse in USA

Can someone recommend a fulfillment warehouse in USA

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Hi there, 


My business is growing and we can longer ship our orders in-house. I was thinking of working with Shopify Fulfillment Warehouse; however, I've been reading lots of negative reviews about them. I was thinking of using Shipbob but they do seem quite pricey and I believe they have a minimum of $200 monthly storage fee. 


I was wondering if anyone has experience working with fulfillment warehouses and can recommend any?





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I used ShipBob when I ran a Shopify store, they were great to work with, I remember the rates being similar to the other companies we researched.


Another idea is to use Amazon, especially if you're already selling on Amazon.


At one point we had inventory in Amazon US and Europe to cover 90% of our customer base (the European amazon marketplaces can ship international). Then we used ShipBob to start covering more of the international orders (company is US based) and have backup stock.


I wrote a guide for using Amazon (and ShipBob) here: Might interest you.


I haven't used Shopify Fulfillment Network, I remember at the time we were scouting, Shopify Network didn't exist, then when they did, the order minimums were too high for the store at that time.

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