Cannot access fulfillment order

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I'm trying to access


to move an order through the fulfillment process but I keep getting

{"errors":"The api_client does not have the required permission(s)."}

 I've added all the fulfillment authorization scopes but still giving me  this error. I can access the fulfillments array but not the fulfillment orders. The scopes I have added are:


Any ideas?



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DM me with the fulfillment order, shop, api_client details and I'll have a look.

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I too am having a similar issue, except my issue is with a POST to 2023-04/fulfillments.json to create a fulfillment for an order. Was there a generic solution for this, or should I send a DM to Michael_AG too?

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Hi! This is a generic access check error. 


Do you specify correct access token in the request headers?

X-Shopify-Access-Token: <your shpat_* access token>


Does you app have the correct permissions? It should be one of the `write_{assigned/merchant_managed/third_party}_fulfillment_orders`, depending on the your app role and the kind of the fulfillment order you are intending to fulfill.


Can you retrieve that fulfillment order with

`GET "<id>.json"` ?

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I have all of the fulfillment permissions/scopes that are configurable. Much as you had written `write_{assigned/merchant_managed/third_party}_fulfillment_orders`.


The header `X-Shopify-Access-Token` is set on my Postman request. The app itself is a Spring Boot application and uses the Base64 encoded <key>:<pass> format for the Basic Authorization header. Both give the same 403 response.

"errors": "The api_client does not have the required permission(s)."


The order is unfulfilled, I am able to query `2023-04/fulfillment_orders/<fulfillment_order_id>.json` and `2023-04/orders/<order_id>/fulfillment_orders.json` and `2023-04/orders/<order_id>/fulfillments.json` successfully.

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Hi @CLaidlaw,


You may be encountering permission errors as stated above. You can refer to our documents on migrating to fulfillment orders and under step 1 you can get an understaffing of the scopes you will require. 


Also, it may be worth going over our fulfillment documents in full just to give you a greater understanding of the entire process.


Hope that helps!

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If so, then the scopes/permissions are either not properly configured or not being applied. I do see the scopes listed on the app settings on the store settings for the app.


The flow I am using is when a shipment webhook comes in from a processing system outside of the Shopify realm I use the REST API to pull the fulfillment orders for the order, then I create a fulfillment payload with the line_items_by_fulfillment_order structure with related fulfillment_order_line_items that were shipped; the tracking information is included on the fulfillment object as well to be submitted to the `2023-04/fulfillments.json` endpoint.


I am able to access `fulfillments` related data since I can get the empty fulfillments array from the orders endpoint `2023-04/orders/<order_id>/fulfillments.json`


I will take a closer look at this documentation segment.

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Not sure what happened, but I went through each write_*_fulfillment_order on the request_scope endpoint on the migration guide and all but the write_assigned_fulfillment_orders worked. Now the app is working, no scope update required on the app by the client. Either that made a difference, or it was a timing thing and now it works. Either way, thank you for you help, it is now functional.

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I am getting the following when checking for `write_assigned_fulfillment_orders` scope

Missing required scopes: \"write_assigned_fulfillment_orders\" requires \"write_fulfillments\".


I have the `write_fulfillments` scope on my app scope list and it is provided to the /authorize endpoint during the OAuth installation/update. I am unable to create a fulfillment service for the app with the following response.

"errors": "[API] This action requires merchant approval for write_fulfillments scope."


Since the scopes have been submitted to the store and updated, what could be the next problem in this process?


Scopes configured on the app.