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With the shipping provider API I added a Carrier Service to my Shopify app (both store and app are in developer mode) and selected it from my store settings. But now at checkout, when I go to choose shipping I get the error message :



Your cart has been updated and the items you added cant be shipped to your address. Remove the items to complete your order.

I have tried deleting the products, recreating them, marked them as active, adding stock to them, modifirng their weight & the weight of the package. Adding a zone to the specific country that I am adding as the shipping address and also add all the countries as a zone ... and I continue getting this error.


The callback url is public and https enable. To test I put this response by default (I find this json in Shopify doc):

    public function getBlueExpressRates(Request $request)
        $rates = [
            'rates' => [
                    'service_name'      => "BlueExpress",
                    'service_code'      => "ON",
                    "total_price"       => "1295",
                    "description"       => "This is the fastest option by far",
                    "currency"          => "PES",
                    "min_delivery_date" => "2021-04-20 14:48:45 -0400",
                    "max_delivery_date" => "2021-05-12 14:48:45 -0400"

        return json_encode($rates);

Can someone help further my understanding of why this can occur?

Thank you in advance

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Hey @benyi,

Are you sure PES is the correct currency code? I believe we use PEN for the Peruvian Sol. If that doesn't fix it, please provide the checkout token found in the checkout URL and I can check the logs for more info.

JB | Solutions Engineer @ Shopify 
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We are facing a very similar problem! Can you help us, pleeease?