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Change fulfil day period

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See below timeline.

A 3 day fulfil period works for me when I'm at home. I have a holiday (vacation) planned for 5 days; I intend to put a banner on my site making customers aware.
Can I change the fulfil time period for when I'm away?
Does it impact me negatively if I do not dispatch a item in the time period?


08/04/2024 - Item sale date

11/04/2024 - Shopify Store provides


Thank you

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If you're talking about 3rd party marketplaces like Amazon, TikTok Shop, etc then yes I would adjust the fulfillment time there because they have requirements for shipping times.

For your own website, I would do a test order using your email, then you will see what the website / emails say and adjust as necessary so your customers know what to expect. Or you could look at the email notifications and anywhere on your site it recommends fulfillment time.


For example, if your order confirmation email says that items ship in 3 days, you would want to change that.

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The only two places I sell are on store and Shop app.

I have explored the Shop app, I cannot locate anywhere to put a banner or change fulfill period. I want a solution for app when I'm on holiday.

I made a sale on my site yesterday (08/04/2024), it said fulfil item by 11/04/2024. I just wanted to know, if the fulfilment date which was the 11th in this instant, is changeable. I only want to change it when I'm on holiday. Where do i do this? I think it maybe linked to the Google Merchant Centre. Anyone know thanks.


Thank you.