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When I try to go through the checkout process, I am presented with a loading screen, stating that I will soon be redirected to my payment app, but it then fails with 'Your payment can’t be processed for technical reasons.'


I can see from my program logs that my service that is creating my session is indeed being hit, but when it then tries to redirect to the frontend it fails. Could this possibly be due the fact that my allowed redirect URL is as follows 'https://...../virtual' while the URL I am trying to redirect to contains a request parameter e.g. 'https://.../virtual?token=e3c92da6-8ee0-4a0c-a3da-0123412341234'


Any information that you might have on this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards, Thomas

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Shopify Partner
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I have the same error. I checked my Payment App logs, and it returned the correct expected result which is: {"redirect_url":"....."}. But the payment returned to the merchant's website with the error "There was an issue processing your payment. Try again or use a different payment method.". We need someone in the forum or from a Shopify developer to answer this issue because it is affecting our business with our clients.