Deprecation warning "false positives"

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Hello, we are a 3PL that has a few Shopify customers for whom we have created private apps but who are getting deprecation warnings that they are forwarding to us. These warnings involve REST API endpoints that we are currently using but are specifically related to data attributes (E.G. Order "processing_method") that we don't use in our apps. Here is one example:


Hello there,

We’re sending you this email because one or more apps installed on your Shopify store are making calls to APIs that will be removed soon and will soon be unsupported. These apps must be updated by a developer before April 1, 2024 to continue working normally.
Breaking changes:

- The delivery_category field has been removed from the ShippingLine REST Admin API. View change.


I realize Shopify cannot know which attributes we are looking at/using in our private apps but just wondering if there is a way to suppress these warnings for our customers (some setting within their Shopify Admin control panels?) so they don't have to worry that our integrations are broken and may soon fail to function properly? If not, can we expect these warnings to disappear once the sunset date for the deprecated attributes arrives (in this case 4.1.2024)? Thanks to anyone who can offer us help with this issue. -Stu

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