Different fulfillments and locations

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Hey guys,


Thank you in advance for the help and info. I was wondering the following:


I have a webshop and am looking to work will local fulfillment centres to fulfill orders. I currently have 1 (The Netherlands) but my goal is to work with 3 in total: 1. Europe, 2. UK, 3. USA. I would also like to split the orders between them.


It would look like this:


Fulfillment centre A > their software > markets: Europe & rest of world

Fulfillment centre B > their software > markets: UK

Fulfillment centre C > their sofware > markets: USA & Canada


I understood from my current fulfillment partner that Shopify automatically shows all stock (from all locations). For example:


UK customer visits the website and sees 10 t-shirts in stock. 

In the meantime the stock looks like this: 0 in UK, 0 in Europe, 10 in USA.


So in the worst case 1 order could be shipped from all 3 locations, based on the stock. This would off course crush my margins and create chaos. 


I would like to separate/split everything.


For example: UK customer visits the website and click on the t-shirt. Meanwhile: 0 in stock in UK, 10 in Europe, 10 in USA. So the UK customer sees 0 in stock and can't order it.


My question: Is it possible to split the inventory locations properly? 


As I currently see it I only have 1 option: to make 2 additional Shopify stores and sync each one with the right fulfillment. This would triple the subscription costs for the stores (theme, apps etc).


Could someone with similar experience tell me what the possibilities are?


Thank you in advance!



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