Duplicate items in FulfillmentOrder

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"Suppose we are integrating with Shopify and have connected to a specific location, let's call it Warehouse A. In a scenario where an order is created in Shopify for 2 items, and the fulfillment location is initially set as Warehouse B, we encounter an issue. When we move one of the items to the fulfillment location - Warehouse A, a new fulfillment order is generated specifically for that item.

However, if we subsequently move the remaining item to the same fulfillment location - Warehouse A, we notice that a second fulfillment order is created, but this time it includes both items. As a result, the 3PL shipping service ends up shipping the first item twice.

How can we address this issue programmatically using the Shopify API? Is there a way to ensure that when items from the same order are moved to the same fulfillment location at different times, only one fulfillment order is created, containing all the items to avoid duplicate shipments by the 3PL?"

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