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we are looking for a way to implement dynamic prices in the checkout. The scenario is a B2B operation and each of his client has multiple price lists according to some variables that they set in the checkout. 
In their current system, all the customers see the same price in the store, but once they go to the checkout, they need to choose 4 variables that are sent to their ERP system and return the correct prices for the products that are present in the cart.
We are looking for the best way to implement this logic. Thank you for your support.
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Either ,this is on regular shopify plans and would need to be using discounts or discount-apps and things like cart attributes or customers tags along with theme customizations.

Or create custom checkouts using an app like mechanic 



Or, if on shopify Plus using the B2B feature on shopify plus you'll need to either:

collect this info during the cart step before checkout and then use either an automation app like mechanic or other form service or custom app to submit the collected info to the ERP and then modify the price lists for that customer before they go to checkout along with updating prices in the cart view. Example https://tasks.mechanic.dev/tutorial-trigger-a-task-from-a-contact-form-using-webhooks 


Or more advanced during checkout explore creating an app using shopify-functions or checkout-extension to try and do this.


If you need this consulted on or explored then contact me directly by mail for services.
Please always provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail.
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