Email from Shopify regarding deprecated Fulfillment API

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We have received notification from Shopify "Action Required - Migrate your custom app to the Fulfillment Orders API by March 31, 2023". 

Our custom app is not using the Fulfillment API. We are using the 2022-07 GraphQL Order and FulfillmentOrders as listed below. Could you tell us which request could have triggered the notification from Shopify?


1. Query Order (id:"gid://shopify/Order/123")

2. Mutation fulfillmentCreateV2

3. Mutation fulfillmentOrderCancel

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Hi Rminocha,


Your use-case seems 100% correct. Emails were sent if an app performed at least one deprecated call in a few months before. Might be you have migrated just before you received the email?


If you use 2022-07 api version in all api calls and don't see any problems – you are good. For a more detailed help we would need app id, shop id. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.