Error 422 on Inventory item delete

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We are unable to delete inventory items for our location using the `DELETE /admin/api/2023-04/inventory_levels.json` request and hope you can help us. This issue is causing problems for our customer as he cannot change/remove this stock from Shopify UI and we cannot remove location using API. This is causing orders to keep routing to our app.


This is the workflow we follow:


Initially, we read the variant information with the `GET /admin/api/2023-04/variants/XXXX.json` request and got the response 


    "variant": {
        "id": 44029453566107,
        "product_id": 7844825727131,
        "title": "Default Title",
        "price": "25.00",
        "sku": "00196177244849",
        "position": 1,
        "inventory_policy": "deny",
        "compare_at_price": null,
        "fulfillment_service": "manual",
        "inventory_management": "shopify",
        "option1": "Default Title",
        "option2": null,
        "option3": null,
        "created_at": "2024-01-22T11:28:02+00:00",
        "updated_at": "2024-03-20T20:29:20+00:00",
        "taxable": true,
        "barcode": "00196177244849",
        "grams": 300,
        "weight": 300,
        "weight_unit": "g",
        "inventory_item_id": 46124326355099,
        "inventory_quantity": 1016,
        "old_inventory_quantity": 1016,
        "tax_code": "P0000000",
        "requires_shipping": true,
        "admin_graphql_api_id": "gid://shopify/ProductVariant/44029453566107",
        "image_id": null

Then we use `inventory_item_id` together with our `location_id` in the `DELETE /admin/api/2023-04/inventory_levels.json` request to delete the stock in our location.


The issue is that the delete request fails with status code 422 and we don't know the reason.


We also confirmed that the inventory exists in this location with the `GET /admin/api/2023-04/inventory_levels.json` request.


So the inventory item exists in our location but we are not able to remove it.


What could be the reason for not being able to delete this inventory item from our location? 


Thanks in advance

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we have the same problem, can anyone help. pplz