Error using Inventory Set On Hand Quantities mutation

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I am using Workato to develop integration between our Shopify website and our ERP system.  Workato has a GraphQL connector that adapts to the API it's connected to and it seems to provide all the configuration options for the InventorySetOnHandQuantities mutation, but when I test the mutation, I get an error - 

Field must have selections (field 'inventorySetOnHandQuantities' returns InventorySetOnHandQuantitiesPayload but has no selections. Did you mean 'inventorySetOnHandQuantities { ... }'?) at line: 1328 called from: 1340 called from: 1324 called from: 2780 called from: 677


I've compared my payload with the example on the API reference page,  and there is nothing that jumps out at me as an obvious problem with the request.   


Any suggestions on correcting this error?  Once I had the Inventory ID for the part variation and the location ID, I did confirm that I could use the REST API to change the quantity, so it isn't a permission issue.  I don't want to have to use both GraphQL and REST because that would cost me an additional monthly connector fee.  I'd just use REST - but I haven't been able to figure out a way to use my SKU to get the inventory ID that I need to change the inventory quantity. 

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