Feature request: Allow delivery orders to be edited before being fulfilled

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I hestitate to even bother with asking anymore, but it would be ideal if we could get functionality for this system in the way that your users actually need to use it.


Example: Client places an order online for local delivery.  We pull it and mark it as ready for delivery. The client reaches out to say I actually want to change part of my order. Currently Shopify will only let us cancel the order or mark it as delivered. I can't mark part of it as delivered. I can't refund part or the entire order. I can only cancel or mark as delivered. Both those actions will trigger emails to the client that I can not stop the system from sending.


In this case, I must now apologize to my client for my low functionality computer system, explain that they will be getting multiple emails - one saying we delivered it (when obviously we did not), then a refund for the items they want to refunded, then a new invoice with the new items they wanted to swap out. Now I will also need to make excellent notes for the staff in store - with two different invoice numbers, to ensure they realize that the first part of the order was not delivered yet. This is the only way around your system.  


Feature requests would be: 

1. Allow us to edit (either refund entirely, or partially) an order AT ANY STAGE (including both before we mark as ready for delivery, after we mark as ready for delivery, and after we mark as delivered). 

2. Allow us to remove a pre-filled out click check mark box to say 'send a notice to your client'. This gives us the option to stop spamming and confusing the client. 

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Is there a way to cancel the "ready for delivery"? Like with orders that get shipped you can cancel the fulfillment request.


Or another idea, can you split items to a different location, for example split the item they want to change, then refund or cancel that item?


Or maybe let the customer know in the email sequence that once an item is ready for delivery it can't be changed? (a little less flexible for the customer, but if they're changing orders last minute, there may be a root problem somewhere else that you could solve, like an automated email followup or something on the product page to confirm).


Just brainstorming here, haven't heard of this specific problem before but it seems there would be a solution.

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