Fulfillment API returning blank response

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I'm having problems creating a very simple post to fulfill and close an order using this example:


POST /admin/api/2021-07/orders/450789469/fulfillments.json
  "fulfillment": {
    "location_id": 487838322,
    "tracking_number": "123456789",
    "tracking_urls": [
    "notify_customer": true


I get a blank (200) response.  I tried to simplify the post to:

{ "fulfillment": { "location_id": 487838322 } } 


Still blank response. 


I've tried using every different location_id on the account, but each simply gives the same blank response.


I tested my authentically successfully by adding a  note to an order, but I am having problems with creating a fulfillment.



Has anyone had this issue?


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Hello @irook ,

Can I ask you to grab the x-request-id from your response headers and forward it my way? I'll take a look at the internal data to see what might be happening here.



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