Re: Fulfillment as a order management app

Fulfillment as a order management app

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We are a order management app which we use to fulfill orders from 2 webshops:

- Webshop 1, we are the only party who fulfills orders in this shop

- Webshop 2, there are 3 parties who fulfills orders in this shop


Our current workflow:

1. Import orders from orders.json?financial_status=paid|partially_refunded&status=open&fulfillment_status=unfulfilled&order=created_at+asc&limit=250

2. Mark as fulfillment via orders/<orderid>/fulfillments.json


If i'm right step 2 will be deprecated.


Im looking at the possible workflows we can use. It looks like we need a fulfillment_order_id to fulfill a order. Is it right the only way to get the fulfillment_order_id is per order via orders/<orderid>/fulfillment_orders.json?


This looks insane, it means if we have 1.000 orders to ship in a day, we need to do 1.000 additional api calls compared with the old solution?!



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Are there any Staff members available who can clarify?

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You understand the concept perfectly. 


I have no earthly idea why Shopify cannot do one of the following options:

  • Provide the Fulfillment Order ID(s) as either part of the Order fields or LineItem data.
  • Provide SKU data in the Fulfillment Order (or at least provide the option) 

They probably want everyone to always have the absolute latest Fulfillment Order data, but it would be just as easy to provide it along with the Order. Then, you could check timestamps for any changes.


All of the fulfillment endpoints that contain a fulfillment id or order id are going to be deprecated.


The future is /admin/api/2023-01/fulfillments.json only.

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Thankyou for your message.

We can't have the latest fulfillment data. I mean, once an order is in fulfillment process, the order/fulfillment data can't be changed... We can't change the packing when we're busy packing the order.