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Hi there,

We've been working on our fulfillment integration and we gave our partner all the permissions they need. However we are now facing the following issue's (almost there). We receive the following responses:

1) Response 1


    "errors": [

        "Invalid fulfillment order line item quantity requested."



2) Response 2


    "errors": [

        "Fulfillment order 6201866977533 has an unfulfillable status= closed."




Current situation:

 "status": "closed",

"line_items": [


                    "id": 13084681896189,

                    "shop_id": 61600006397,

                    "fulfillment_order_id": 6201866977533,

                    "quantity": 1,

                    "line_item_id": 12847558721789,

                    "inventory_item_id": 44360120205565,

                    "fulfillable_quantity": 0,

                    "variant_id": 42265906446589


The current status shows "closed" (marked) but this should be open and the fulfillable_quantity (marked) should be "1". Could you tell me how to keep the current status open until our partner has fulfilled the orders and how to keep the fulfillable_quantity "1"? 

Looking forward hearing from you:)!

Full conversation: https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-apis-and-sdks/api-getting-fulfillment-done-in-shopify/m-p/19...


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Hi @Steambox, this fullfillment_order is appearing as fulfilled and therefore closed on the 30th of the 1st 2023. Since you appear to be the merchant and have the correct ID numbers you can check with out technical support team by reaching out directly to learn who/what completed the fulfillment in a secure format. Hope this helps

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Hi Shopify,

Could you please let me know how to reach out to your technical support team? Also, nobody is closing this manually as it's happening to every order. I think this has something to do with a different setting or the communication our partner is doing to Shopify API.

Could you let me know what the possible causes are for this to happen ( status closed and fulfillable_quantity (marked) should be "1").

Looking forward hearing from you! 

Shopify Partner
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Hello there  


It looks like you're experiencing some issues with your fulfillment integration and the status and quantity of your fulfillment orders. Here are some suggestions that may help:

  1. Check the status of the order: The response you received indicates that the status of the fulfillment order is "closed", which means that the order has already been fulfilled. Make sure that the status is updated to "open" before attempting to fulfill the order.

  2. Check the line item quantity: The error message you received suggests that the requested quantity of the line item is invalid. Make sure that you are requesting the correct quantity for the line item in your fulfillment request.

  3. Check the fulfillable quantity: The fulfillable_quantity field indicates the number of items in the order that can currently be fulfilled. Make sure that the fulfillable quantity is set to the correct value (in this case, 1) before attempting to fulfill the order.

  4. Contact your partner: If you've checked the status, quantity, and fulfillable quantity and are still having issues, you may need to contact your partner to ensure that they have the correct permissions and are fulfilling the order correctly.

I hope this helps!