Fulfillment Order missing for order API 2023-4

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I have a private app that pulls orders from Shopify. When those orders are shipped I post a Fulfillment to the FulfillmentOrder. I have a single order that doesn't have a FulfillmentOrder. The creation for the FulfillmentOrder appears to automatic on the Shopify side. Is there a way to force the creation of FulfillmentOrder? How can I update Shopify with a tracking number when there are no FulfillmentOrders? I'm using this API: https://shopify.dev/docs/api/admin-rest/2023-04/resources/fulfillmentorder

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Hi There,


as far as I know there is no way to create a fulfillment order via the API.


Shopify does create the fulfillment orders automatically as you guessed.  How are you getting the fulfillment_orders from shopify, are you specifying the location_id or not? The only way that you should be getting an empty result from shopify for the fulfillmentorders that i can think of is something to do with your query.


Shopify even creates fulfillment orders for products that dont require shipping (digital products)





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