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We don't understand which webhook we can subscribe to get all updates on fulfillment orders?


We save this data in our database for quick access, so we must get all fulfillment orders create/update.

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Hi DavidDB1,

Fulfillment order webhooks are event-driven. It allows subscribers to be triggered for events they are specifically interested in, rather than guess what has changed in the fulfillment order and why.

If you are interested in all events happening to fulfillment orders, you should subscribe to all fulfillment order webhooks. Any major step in the fulfillment workflow has an associated webhook.

However, we can't guarantee that all changes to fulfillment orders will trigger a webhook notification. Webhooks are not data-pulling API.


Out of interest, why do you need a replica for all fulfillment orders?

Please note that webhook delivery isn't always guaranteed. You should therefore implement reconciliation jobs to fetch data from Shopify periodically.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.