FulfillmentServiceType is not set

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Hi guys,


I am using the API to fetch fulfillment orders from the store. I want to check if the fulfillment order is of type "THIRD_PARTY" or "MANUAL".


I have checked the docs and this value should be stored as described here:



But somehow "MANUAL" FulfillmentOrders return the following data:

"assignedLocation": {
"address1": null,
"address2": null,
"city": null,
"countryCode": "DE",
"name": "Shop location",
"phone": null,
"province": null,
"zip": null,
"location": {
"fulfillmentService": null


For "THIRD_PARTY" FulfillmentOrders I receive the type value as expected. Is this a wanted behaviour or am I overseeing something?


Thanks for you help!



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Is anybody having an approach on this?