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fulfillmentTrackingInfoUpdateV2 even though notifyCustomer is set as false email is sent

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Process to recreate : 
- fulfill  order using graphql api fulfillmentCreateV2

- edit tracking number in admin with notifying customer on. (it will sent email to customer)

- update tracking number using graphql api  fulfillmentTrackingInfoUpdateV2 with "notifyCustomer" key false or not providing the notifyCustomer key. 
this will again sent email to user.

In above case, the fulfillmentTrackingInfoUpdateV2 wont sent email to customer until the tracking is updated from admin board with Send notification email to customer checked. once tracking is updated from admin with Send notification email to customer checked every fulfillmentTrackingInfoUpdateV2 hit will sent the email to customer no matter notifyCustomer key is set to false or not even set. 

its not working according to doc :



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Hey @sushansht 


Please open a ticket with Support via your Partner Dashboard and include all these details.

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify