Help! I Need A Better Way To Keep Track both Heat Transfer and My Shirt Inventory separately

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I have a dilemma,

ok so let’s say I have 8 heat press transfers and 2 different color t shirt I’m goin going to offer and each color t shirt I have 10 so that makes 20… how can I stop selling at 8? Not overselling what I don’t have — I hope this makes sense lol someone please help!! How would I keep track of both heat transfer and t shirt separately? HELP! It’s driving me crazy lol

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Hi @ZEN08 


Don't know whether you are in custom code or not but this feature can be achieved by custom development in theme only.


You need to create different product for your press transfer and put the quantity 8 their.


Now using custom dev we will able to select your tshirt as bundle.


Which will show with at above of checkout buttons and mandatory to be selected.


On clicking of add to cart your heat press and tshirt will be added in to cart with selected quantity.


Let me know if interested.

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Hi @ZEN08,

A streamlined resolution for your concern involves leveraging the Easify Product Options app.

The concept revolves around designating the Heat Press Transfer as the primary product. Begin by establishing a T-shirt product with a quantity corresponding to your Heat Press Transfer needs (e.g., 8 units).

Subsequently, generate the T-shirt's color variations as distinct products. Transform these color options into custom options for the main T-shirt (Heat Press Transfer) product, facilitated by the app 🤗.

Here's a walkthrough:



App Settings:

  • Prepare your products: a T-shirt (Heat Press Transfer - quantity = 😎 and an additional T-shirt product (hidden on the storefront) featuring 2 color options without pricing.
  • Install the app and create an option set.
  • Add the T-shirt Color options, selecting an appropriate option type like Image Swatches, Color Swatches, Buttons, or any of the 26 available types.
  • Link the Color options with your T-shirt product's color variants:





  • Finally, integrate the option set with your main T-shirt (Heat Press Transfer) product:


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