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Help with fulfilling orders

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I am having issues with fulfilling orders. I have various orders in my test shop that have requested fulfillment and are marked as "in progress" in the shop. The issue is in the API when I try to accept the order using the /fulfillment_request/accept.json route it returns a 422 error. When I try to complete or modify the fulfillment that is on the order it returns a 'not found' error. When I try using the orders/order_id/fulfillments.json route to fulfill the order it returns a "line items are already fulfilled" order. I've tried a bunch of things obviously I am doing something wrong and I don't know what. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I can find assigned fulfillment orders using the /assigned_fulfillment_orders.json but I just cant do anything with them for some reason. I don't really care how I do it but I need to be able to mark orders complete and update tracking info.


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Hey @jkatty 

Sounds frustrating! The initial 422 when calling the fulfillment_request/accept.json endpoint suggests some facet of the call is incorrect - wondering if you had an x-request-id from any of the failing calls and I'll be able to try take a check in the logs of what's happening. There's a documentation resource on Fulfillment's here for GraphQL and REST API here too. Please let me know - thanks!


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