how can I add a company as a logistics and delivery provider for my shop?

how can I add a company as a logistics and delivery provider for my shop?

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what I want to do?

 I want to  add a company as a logistics and delivery provider such as UPS for my shop, this company is my delivery provider.


my problem is :

I add a custom app for my shop. and the app  register a carrier service  to shopify successfully, the company name is "my carrier service", but I can't find it in the shipping carrier list company list(as blow).
(the app got the access scope "shipping"

thank you!




my code is like this:


public CarrierServiceBo createCarrierService(String name, String callBackUrl) throws IOException {
        String url = String.format(carrierServiceUrl, devStoreNo);
        Map<String, String> headers = new HashMap<>();
        headers.put("X-Shopify-Access-Token", token);

        CarrierServiceCreateReq carrierServiceCreateReq = new CarrierServiceCreateReq();

        HttpClientResult clientResult =, GSON.toJson(carrierServiceCreateReq), "application/json", headers);"response: {}", GSON.toJson(clientResult));
        if (clientResult.getCode() != 201) {
            return null;

        String content = clientResult.getContent();
        CarrierServiceBoRoot carrierServiceBoRoot = GSON.fromJson(content, CarrierServiceBoRoot.class);

        return carrierServiceBoRoot.getCarrier_service();
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Hi Bimingda


Where exactly are you setting the company name as "my carrier service"?

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Dear @Liam, thanks for your reply.

the name "my carrier service" is set out the function createCarrierService like this.



CarrierServiceBo carrierServiceBo = carrierServiceBiz.createCarrierService("my carrier service", callBackUrl);




Have a nice day!