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How do you NOT send a gift card upon fulfillment

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Is there are way to not send a gift card email to the customer when an order has been fulfilled?  Using the admin GraphQL API, I hoped that setting "notifyCustomer" to false would do the trick, but that doesn't work.




mutation FulfillOrder($fulfillment: FulfillmentV2Input!) {
fulfillmentCreateV2(fulfillment: $fulfillment, message: "Automated fulfillment") {
fulfillment {


"fulfillment": {
"notifyCustomer": false,
"lineItemsByFulfillmentOrder": {
"fulfillmentOrderId": "<MY_FULFILLMENT_ORDER_ID>"

I know this is a weird request; any help would be most appreciated!

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Hi @thelimit , were you able to figure out a way to disable the gift card confirmation email? We would lke to do the same, but don't see an obvious way to do it. Thanks!