How often is Shopify reading my inventory file?

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Hi everyone. I'm not a developer but I am managing a Shopify store so my knowledge is limited. My ERP is uploading an inventory count file via a third party software to an FTP every 2 hours. This file contains only SKU numbers and inventory counts by product as it is meant to update the product inventory count within Shopify. I'd like to know how often Shopify is reading this file. Is it every hour or whenever the file is updated? The dev company that has setup this FTP process did not use an app and I don't have any other information. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Shopify does not read FTP files ever. If the previous dev correctly setup things, then here is what is happening.

1. Some App the dev installed has setup a fulfillment/inventory management service in the store

2. That App contacts the FTP on a schedule, and downloads some data

3. That App will produce a JSON representation of the data from that file, as SKU: Quantity pairs

4. That App makes that JSON available at some endpoint on the internet, ie) reachable by Shopify

5. Once an hour, Shopify will call that endpoint, and retrieve the SKU: Quantity pairs, and update inventory in Shopify that matches.

That is the way it works as far as having Shopify do all the work of updating inventory. In no way shape or form, will Shopify ever login to some FTP and deal with data that may or may not be available there.

TLDR: Once an hour!!!

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