How to access Delivery Area/Zones via the API

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We have stores that offer local delivery. And based on the shipping ZIP code, there are delivery areas. How can I access these Delivery Areas and the ZIP codes that are serviceable via the API? Is there any API available? either REST or GraphQL any?

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Hey @belalahmad20 

Currently there is no option like this on via the API. Noted though, this is a feature that we've had a great deal of interest in, and I'd been in touch with the API team concerning this.

We do have plans to expose local delivery methods and making them publicly accessible API's. I can't offer an ETA just now, but we've acknowledged the interest and we do have it on the roadmap.

Hope this helps clear things up at least - thanks. 


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@Luke_KIs there any way to prevent a variant from being eligible for shipping in the mean time. We want to have an installation option which would connect to our independent scheduler.

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*bump* is there any progress on this?

We have defined Delivery Areas by Zip Code under local delivery, with a number of delivery zones defined with the actual Zip Codes in them. Looking for a way to retrieve this data through the admin api.

Are any of these API operations relevant to look at in this context?

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*nudge* must also bump this


With LocalDeliveryZone resource you can view local delivery zones and their postal codes, delivery radius, delivery price and delivery information. A local delivery zone belongs to a local delivery profile, which provides shops with the ability to create delivery price per minimum order price and per location offering local delivery. For example, the merchant might want to use a delivery price that applies only to a zone by postal code and for a minimum order price. When querying the LocalDeliveryZone resource, each delivery zone is returned with its corresponding profile ID, zone group ID, and postal codes. It's possible for the same postal code to exist in multiple local delivery zones, if the local delivery zones with overlapping postal codes have a different minimum order price.


Did I get that right?