How to get "ready for pickup" status for an order using GraphQL admin API

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Which property of an order indicates this "Ready for pickup" status? I expected it to be a displayFulfillmentStatus enum value, but no:


"order": {
"name": "#21071",
"displayFulfillmentStatus": "UNFULFILLED"


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Hey @Clay_Impress 


It's not directly listed as an attribute but I think you can infer it.


Here's how a fulfillment order looks before being marked as ready for pickup. And here's how it looks after being marked as ready for pickup.


If you look for `status`: open and `delivery_method.method_type`: pickup, it should indicate an order is ready for pickup. Test this thoroughly, there could be some edge cases I'm not considering.

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 

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`status`: open and `delivery_method.method_type`: pickup identifies pick-up orders but does not distinguish between unfulfilled pick-up orders and "ready for pickup" orders. displayFulfillmentStatus is "UNFULFILLED" for both. Is there another field that can distinguish between these states?