How to set up daily fulfillment email?

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Hi all, 


I am looking for a way to send daily fulfillment emails. Currently, every morning we send an email, with all the orders from the previous day, to the people that do our fulfillment. They then take the email and send off the producats to the people that ordered. However, as we grow, this isn't a viable option as putting in the details of every order (products, address, etc.) can be very time consuming. What I am wondering is if there is a way to automatically send an email at a set time (end of day or first thing in the morning) to the fulfillment people with all of the order details from that day. For clarity, I want all of the orders for the day to be in one email, so we aren't spamming the fulfillment people. 


Any help in finding a solution for this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

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You can do this with Order Automator. Sounds like your case will need a bit of customization but that's no problem. 👍


Give a shout through the app page linked above, or, with the Shopify order information you want to include in those emails, that should be enough to get started.



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