Inventory sync with Quickbooks online

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Hello! We have a Shopify store that sells to consumers and wholesale. We recently upgraded to Shopify plus migrating our wholesale orders and all inventory management from another application to have everything in one place. We manage our accounting and financial control in Quickbooks online. We are having some trouble to have everything well synced between Shopify and QBO through the default connector Intuit offers. We are able to sync sales orders well, invoices, and payments but for inventory control the connector takes QBO as the main info provider and the point of truth, any data that is on QBO will overwrite the data in Shopify. we need the other way around, to have the inventory point of truth starting from Shopify and push the movement updates (Q and value) to QBO. Does anyone already have that kind of sync established? can you recommend apps (not extra expensive) that can sync the inventory that way? 


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