Is fulfillmentCreateV2 a FullfilmentOrder API call or not?

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We currently are using fulfillmentCreateV2 to add tracking information to an order. With the deprecation of the fulfillment REST en GraphQL API we're unsure whether this call is still allowed.


The call's contents uses both 'fulfillment' and 'fulfillmentOrder' as nouns, which is confusing. The call is still mentioned in the 2023-07 version of the API. We cannot find a clear manual on how to set the tracking code using FulfillmentOrder.


Will fulfillmentCreateV2 be deprecated? And if so, what is the right way to set tracking urls?

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Let me answer the first part of the question myself (as usually you find it shortly after posting it).

"After the migration, FulfillmentOrder operations such as FulfillmentCreateV2 are going to cancel pending/open legacy fulfillments and replace them."

So it is a FulfillmentOrder operation. I find the wording is still confusing, but at least it is clear now.


The remainder of the question would be: it this the correct way to set tracking urls in the new API?

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The fulfillmentCreateV2 API is the correct one to create a fulfillment with tracking information.  If you are looking to update an existing fulfillment with tracking info, you need to use fulfillmentTrackingInfoUpdateV2.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.