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Is there a way how to retrieve the fulfillment priority of the locations?

The location resource GET /admin/locations.json is not sorted by the fulfillment priority from shopify admin and there is no attribute like priority on the location.

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@Jiri_Hacmac at this time the answer to that one is no, but it's something that's frequently asked for. Odds are we'll be implementing a solution to this kind of problem, I just can't speak to when or what it will look like when that times comes.



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we are also interested in being able to just ask that to api, rather than the end user.

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Hi there,

Any news about this "frequently asked for" feature?

I still can't find a way to get the location's fulfillment priority.



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Hey, any updates on this? It was mentioned as a frequently requested feature about a year and a half ago on this thread, so I'm hoping there's a sense of a timeline or any update by now?


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Any updates on this? A year has passed since the last message in this thread, but there are still no options in the API description that can help get a location priority.

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My app Location Based Fulfillment https://apps.shopify.com/location-based-fulfillment might be able to help. It allows you to create rules to route and fulfill orders based on the shipping address of the order.

Check it out and let me know if you have any questions


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Great question, I'd like to add my vote on this too.

Currently I don't see a way to be able to determine the location of a line item via API if the product has stock in multiple locations.

For my scenario, that's a workaround because the Order object doesn't give location data in the line items.... Would be really awesome if you could add an attribute on the Order object that gives the location id.

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Is this app still working? I can't seem to get it to work. I apply all the filters but then my EU fulfillment center pulls teh API and still gets everything.


And the domain name for the email address seems like it is not a real email address. Is this still active?


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We would also like to know if there are any updates on this. That way we can determine the correct shipping rates available for the end user. 

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while using the dev API to get a product based on product id, we get a list of all the variants of the product. Is there a way to get the list of variants of that product specific to a particular location?