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Merchants send dummy data from Shopify Admin to our service to see example rates | CarrierService

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How we can provide dummy data to carrier service/rate provider to get example rates from Shopify Admin?

While registering our app as a rate provider we make the following call to CarrierService API.

  "carrier_service": {
    "name": "Shipping Rate Provider",
    "callback_url": "",
    "service_discovery": true

The description of service_discovery option is as follows from docs:

Whether merchants are able to send dummy data to your service through the Shopify admin to see shipping rate examples. 

I am unable to find this  in my development store. How do we do this? 🤔

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Hey Zubairmohsin,


I was looking for the same information and I found out we can test the service discovery when going to your store Settings -> Shipping and Delivery -> Create a new Profile -> New Rate.