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We are migrating to fulfillment orders.  We are successfully getting fulfillment orders (/admin/api/2023-01/orders/) and posting fulfillments (/admin/api/2023-01/fulfillments.json).


However, the fulfillment post does not allow for multiple tracking numbers.  What is the best way to add multiple tracking numbers to a fulfillment?


Will update tracking information (https://shopify.dev/docs/api/admin-rest/2023-01/resources/fulfillment#post-fulfillments-fulfillment-...) for a fulfillment allow for adding multiple tracking numbers to a fulfillment?


I've tried to call this API using Postman, but get a 200 ok and a response back that has a link to accounts.shopify.com to authorize.  What do I need to turn on, in order for me to be able to call this? 


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Do you have a single line item with multiple boxes?  Or are you splitting multiple line items into multiple boxes?

For the second, the buyer wants to know what items are in what shipment.  So you should create two fulfillments, each with the line items in the box and their own tracking number.

The GraphQL API does allow multiple tracking numbers, but this is not currently supported for REST.

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