My payouts have been hold for 120 days without any reason

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I got an email from Shopify Payments team with a lot of inconsistencies and unjustified decisions , they mentioned that my business has been identified as presenting an elevated level of risk for customer disputes, even if I don't have any dispute in my store! 

They also decided to hold my money for 120 days. I lost my money in buying  products and on advertising and shipping them, and in the end they are the one who controls this money as they want. Note that the order have been arrived to buyers over a week ago without any dispute.

They mentioned that I can refund the buyers, first in order to refund the buyer he must return the things he bought from me.  What am I going to tell him!  Hello buyer, you should ship back the things you bought to me and I'll refund your money.  Because Shopify decided on its own and without convincing justification to withhold my money.

In the end, I'm not asking  to return my Shopify Payments account, as well as this will be the last time I deal on this platform, as well as my store, which they said I can still use it, I don't want it and I'll delete it.  I'm now only asking for what I have a right to, which is to receive my payouts immediately.

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Did you get it ?