Re: Need help with a task is depending on a deprecated Shopify API

Need help with a task is depending on a deprecated Shopify API

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We are currently not experiencing issue, however we started to receive deprecated notices on following APIs. Because of that, we started to investigate what changed and how will that impact our current process. I learned that our solution relies specifically on the end points that are no longer available in new versions. Here are the lists of end points.

  1. POST /admin/orders/{order id}/fulfillments.json
  2. POST admin/api/2021-04/{order_id}/fulfillments/{fulfillment_id}/complete.json

I also found out  that documentation to these end points do not exist anymore.


To give further context, For example, we create a Fulfillment records for order line items after we determine that those line items can only be shipped from specific Distribution Centers after order is placed (Shopify’s default rules did not work in our use case.)

This is important for us, because then only we can appropriately push this group of  ordered items as an order in our JDE XE ERP system ( there are tons of reason why we do it this way, and this was the most effective way to accomplish our use case based on my personal understanding of Shopify’s APIs).


Below is an example of code, as you can see we open fulfillment without Tracking Number and notifying customer. This is done to re-organize the order line items to single group. Those line item by default may have been part of two different ‘Fulfillment_orders’. We have to cherry pick them and move based on our business rule. This feature is no longer available in new ‘Fulfillment_orders’ based APIs.  Move is all or nothing, meaning it does not allow us to cherry pick individual line items.



We are  open to discuss this in person with you if that helps, please let me know.

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@agniereCurious if you've figured this out yet.  Is this something that Shopify is going to support or have they given you any recommendations on how to handle this use-case?

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@Ralph-HA They have no recommendations and have told us to reach out to the developer community to see if someone had or could help us develop a solution. Are you able to provide any insight to our situation? 

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We are discussing this in the Shopify Dev discord. Feel free to join in under the thread "2022-07 API - Fulfillment Deprecations - Documentation issues w Shipping Tracking"


Hope we can get some clarity on this ASAP

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