Not receiving all fulfillment_order_notification calls

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We are not receiving all the fulfillment_requested calls from Shopify.


On a normal day every fulfillment_request is received by us for all shops using our app, and so all orders assigned to our location is received and fulfilled by us.


But for some weird reason every now and then Shopify stops sending the fulfillment_request calls for a shop (doesn't matter which shop). First i thought Shopify hit our rate-limit, but when i track the calls that are working, Shopify sends the fulfillment_request every minute... So that is not a rate-limit issue.


But it mostly happens with a shop which has a large sale and is processing thousands of orders.

Our client then also receives notices about fulfillment_request failing 19 times, but when i check our access_logs we are not receiving every request.


What can this be?

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Hey @QLS 


Could you please provide some more details/examples over DM so we can look into logs? A possible cause is that your services are down/slow to respond, and we'll back off exponentially and wait before trying again.

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 

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Hey SBD_


Thanks for the reply.


Yes, we figured it could be the speed, since we also process the orders in the same call.

We will fix that in the upcoming release next week and check if that resolves the issue.


It's a bit difficult to test, since it only happens when a shop has a lot of orders, but we'll monitor this from our end.



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A good long term solution for this is to create a job queue. Your web service would return 200 to requests as fast as possible, queue the job, then close the connection.  Then you have a separate worker service that processes the job queue.

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Yep, we fixed it like this indeed 🙂