Order fulfillment_status not getting updated

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I want to update my shopify order's fulfillment_status using my API but for some reason the fulfillment_Status is not changing.
I have tried 2 ways
1. CURL API endpoint

I am sending a PUT request to an endpoint similar to above as instructed in Shopify's Admin API docs
I am sending the following JSON

but this request return the orignal order, it does not update the fulfullment_Status of the order.

2. using shopify-api-node
I also tried using shopify-api-node library to update the order but that also return the original order
const Shopify = require('shopify-api-node');
        const shopify = new Shopify({
            shopName: 'XX.myshopify.com',
            apiKey: 'XXXX',
            password: 'XXXX',
          try {
            // Update the fulfillment status of the order
            const order = await shopify.order.get(1234567890)         
            const updatedOrder = await shopify.order.update(1234567890, {
                "fulfillment_status": "fulfilled",

I would be grateful if someone could tell me what am I doing wrong.

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Hi There,


are you trying to fulfill the order?  If so you are going about it the wrong way, you can not update the fulfillment_status of an order anymore. You have to use the fulfillment endpoint in conjunction with fulfillment_orders to fulfill the order.




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