Origin_location DEPRECATION - Multi location order

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We have an invoice application. For a client we have a a feature where we show `line_item.origin_location` in the invoice, The client uses this data for packing. 

`order.location_id` will help you to retrieve the location if the line items are from one location. But what if one order has multiple line items from multiple locations? 

This was previously discusses in this thread but the accepted solution is not sufficient.

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Since the origin location is deprecated you have to switch to the fulfillment_order endpoint in shopify. This will give you all the fulfillment_orders created for a specific order.


A fulfillment order is always assigned to a specific location, this is then the origin location that is supposed to handle the fulfillment.  So for an order that will be fulfilled from mutiple locations you will have one fulfillment order for each location. Each fulfillment order will have the associated line_items that it should fullfill.


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