recommended way to fetch newly created FulfillmentOrders

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What is the recommended way to fetch newly created FulfillmentOrders?  

there is no "fulfillmentOrders/created" webhook and the "orders/created webhook" doesn't include them (probably because they must be routed to the correct FF service first). There is the webhook 


but for some reason, it only includes two fields (id and status); meaning I still have to fetch other fields over a GraphQL/REST API call.


According to this Guide, there should be a new recommended webhook "fulfillment_orders/ready_to_fulfill" in the unstable version of the API. I've tried using the unstable version but the webhook doesn't exist. was it removed? is the Guide outdated?!



I'm following this Guide to implement the fulfillment orders based workflow.

And my goal is to basically fetch/receive newly created FulfillmentOrders, so that I can start requesting fulfillment on them.

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Hi there 👋

This guide may be closer to what you are hoping to accomplish. This guide is for Order Management Apps. 

You will fetch the fulfillment orders with GET https://{shop}{api_version}/orders/{order_id}/fulfillment_orders.json  . 

And then you can create fulfillments for the fulfillment orders: POST https://{shop}{api_version}/fulfillments.json

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi @lizk ,


Thanks for your reply!

I've reviewed the provided guide already and it did answer some of my questions. However, one of my concerns remains unanswered – when should I fetch fulfillment orders?


Currently, my approach involves fetching them immediately when an order is created. Basically when an order-created webhook is triggered. But, this Guide (under Best practices) advises against this, and I suspect it's because a worker needs to create/route the fulfillment orders in the background. This could explain why the Fulfillment Orders are not included in the payload of the order-created webhook?