Restrict Staff member Order access by Shopify fulfillment location

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Shopify Setup- We do everything from within Shopify and it works perfectly, but I need to limit which Orders Staff Members can access, based on either the products themselves, or the fulfillment location. (This is not POS related, online store only)


I have 2 vendors fulfilling orders from 2 locations. Currently they manually filter the orders by location when they login to fill orders. I am adding more product vendors, these are not vendors who promote their own products and they do not have systems for me to integrate with, our Shopify store is the system. 


I've looked into ShipStation to customize Order visibility by location for added Staff members, but that involves fulfilling the orders/shipping outside of Shopify and it potentially requires my auto-split orders (around 50% of our orders) to be manually re-split.


I've researched 3rd party apps too, but they assume my "vendor" has a setup already, which they don't. 


This seems like a simple feature, tying a Staff account to an order fulfillment location which is already a filter option under the Order dashboard.

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This isn't possible but there are a couple solutions that come to mind:


a) You can have a custom app built, that shows an interface on what you'd like to show. For example, you could have a vendor log in, and they see only orders with items from that vendor, they have limited actions, etc. With a custom app you can make it look just like your Shopify orders, or different, it's up to you.


b) People use Order Automator for 3rd party fulfillment. Basically you create a rule that tags orders and sends a notification to the vendor, if the order contains their products (or some other marker, there are a lot of options). You can have that email include a remote tracking link. When the vendor ships the order, they click the secured link and can update the tracking, without logging into your Shopify store. Details here:


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Hi @thatjaclyngurl ,

Simonas from Feeds Bridge. We allow store owners fulfill orders using our vendors portal, which can be used by vendors as well.

The flow is as following:

1) You create vendors on Feeds Bridge (as many as you need we don't limit number of vendors). Fulfillment service will be created for each of your vendors on your shopify store.

2) You will need to assign this fulfillment service to products which belongs to each vendor (this can be done in bulk using shopify products import/export). We also allow synchronize products from your vendor to your shopify store using csv,excel files automatically but this is optional for orders fulfillment.

3) Once your products has Feeds Bridge managed fulfillment service assigned to them, you fill have ability to create fulfillment requests whenever someone purchase one of your products (in case order contains items from few vendors you will be able to create fulfillment request for each of them). Each fulfillment request will be sent to Feeds Bridge and either you as operator or vendor user who has been assigned to each vendor will have ability to login into Feeds Bridge and fulfill order.

In order to make this process even more automated, you can enable auto fulfill feature on shopify and Fulfillment requests will be sent to Feeds Bridge right after order has been placed. You can also enable notification emails so your vendors gets email notification each time new orders comes in and they need to fulfill it.


In case you have any questions you can always contact me via email:


Simonas Skrodenis
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