Sending invoice

Sending invoice

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Dear All,


we have bank transfer on our store and we are working with pre-orders.

Sometimes it can happen that we need to partially fulfil the order. 


For example if customer ordered 10 pcs of Sneakers, but I can send him only 5 now and 5 later.


How can I send him pro-forma with 5 pcs on it instead of 10 pcs? So that he pay 5 pcs now and 5 when they are ready.


At the moment Shopify has option send invoice, but only full quantity. And then if I mark as paid, can I mark as paid partially? As customer will be paying for 5 pcs and then again for 5.


Thank you!


Best regards,

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Hey there,
Some pre-order apps like ours (Early Bird) enables you capture a partial deposit from customers now, then automate capturing the remaining payment on a specific date of your choice. E.g. Pay $X for 5 shoes as a deposit today, and pay the remaining $X for the other 5 shoes, two weeks later.
I took a look at Shopify orders; seems like you can only fulfill the entire order early (all 10 shoes), not partially (just 5).
Perhaps a manual workaround would be leaving a comment under that specific order as a reminder.
Listing detailed step-by-step below of how you can capture partial deposits and final payments for pre-orders, using our app:
  1. Set up a Pre-order campaign (sell as many shoes as you'd like, or only in limited quantities)
  2. Option for your customers to pay in full now (you can offer discounts separate from Shopify's promo codes)
  3. Option for your customers to pay a partial deposit first (% or $ amount), and the rest later
  4. Select the final payment due date (after X days or at a specific date & time)
  5. Select expected fulfilment/shipping date (A specific date or just set as ASAP/Not sure yet)
  6. This info will be displayed to your customers throughout their purchase journey. i.e. On the Product page, View cart, Checkout etc. 
  7. You can choose to reserve your stock when the pre-order is placed, or when it's fulfilled
  8. Your customers will pay their partial deposit at checkout (you can set this amount to be the equivalent of 5 shoes)
  9. Our app will auto-capture the final payment (for the other 5 shoes) on your selected due date
  10. Our app will also auto-email your customers the invoice receipt the same day
  11. If you'd like to manually capture a specific customer's payment before the automated capture date, you'll still have control to do so
  12. If the supplier has shipment delays, just update the estimated shipping date in your pre-order campaign, and our app can auto-send a pre-order delayed email for you to inform your customers
Would love to hear your feedback, as I'm always learning what different businesses need when managing pre-orders.
If this is relevant to what you need, happy to send you some screenshots of what we've done for other waitlist customers (we've just opened up for early private access), or share two 5-minute videos to show you what the partial deposit payment end-to-end process looks like.
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